Why You Shouldn’t Go To Saudi Arabia

Economic Conditions in Saudi Arabia

Going to Saudi Arabia can be a risky decision due to the current economic condition of the country. Saudi Arabia has been affected by the decline in the world oil prices and the country has experienced a significant fall in foreign investments. This decline has curbed the growth of the country, leading to a decrease in job opportunities and an increase in unemployment. It is estimated that about 16.5% of citizens aged between 15 and 24 are currently unemployed. With the lack of options for employment, many people are looking for other alternatives to make an income which ultimately leads to poverty. Poverty has become increasingly prevalent in all areas of the country and the government has yet to roll out any meaningful policies to reduce these numbers.
Moreover, the average income in the country has remained stagnant. This can lead to a lack of consumer confidence, which ultimately affects the economy. This is largely a result of the government’s attempts to contain the economic decline by reducing production as a way to save money. As a consequence, people are unable to afford basic items and services, leading to a decrease in the quality of life.

Politics in Saudi Arabia

The political conditions in Saudi Arabia are also concerning. The country is currently a monarchy under the rule of King Salman. Saudi Arabia still has severe restrictions on freedom, with civil activities such as demonstrations and political organizing heavily prohibited. This means people are unable to freely express their views and opinions on the state of the country. The government has also imposed a strict censorship of the media, restricting people’s access to news and information.
Furthermore, the government has used oppressive measures to suppress those who dissent. Human rights violations are reported to be rampant in the country and arbitrary detention, torture and executions are common. This can make going to Saudi Arabia particularly dangerous as people can be vulnerable to the government’s oppressive tactics.

The Human Rights Situation in Saudi Arabia

The human rights situation in Saudi Arabia is alarming as reports of numerous violations are made on a daily basis. Women are particularly vulnerable in the country as they still have limited rights and face discrimination in many areas of life. The implementation of the country’s draconian guardianship laws mean that women are legally treated as minors, giving men the exclusive authority over their lives. They are also unable to travel without the permission of a male relative, which can limit their freedom.
Moreover, women are prohibited from driving in Saudi Arabia and there is still a ban on women working in certain professions. This undermines their contribution to the economy and denies them the ability to financially support themselves and their families.

The Weak Educational Infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

The educational infrastructure in the country is also weakening, with a lack of quality education and inadequate resources. Education is heavily weighted towards religious instruction and does not cover issues such as science and technology. This is a major concern as it means the country will struggle to create and sustain a highly skilled workforce in the future.
Additionally, the number of students who are able to attend university in Saudi Arabia is low when compared to other countries. This limited access to higher education means many people are unable to further their professional careers and have limited opportunities for economic growth.

Counterfeit Goods in Saudi Arabia

Counterfeiting is also a big problem in Saudi Arabia, with fake goods widely available on the market. Many people are unaware that these goods are counterfeit and purchase them unknowingly. Unfortunately, the government has done very little to address this issue and many believe that it is being used to generate additional income for the government. This lack of action, however, has had dire consequences, leading to dangerous products being put into circulation which can lead to serious health risks.

Environmental Problems in Saudi Arabia

The environment in Saudi Arabia is also under threat. The country’s reliance on oil production has caused considerable damage to the environment as a result of oil spills, air and water pollution. This has led to irreversible damage to the environment, with reports of increasing desertification in many areas of the country. The government has thus far done little to address this issue, which is a major concern as it is likely to have long-term effects on the environment.

Taxation in Saudi Arabia

The taxation situation in Saudi Arabia is also cause for concern, with the government imposing high taxes on goods and services. This has led to an increase in the cost of living for many people as the taxes are passed on to the consumer. This puts a strain on many households as they struggle to make ends meet, leading to increased levels of poverty.

Healthcare in Saudi Arabia

The healthcare system in Saudi Arabia is also cause for concern. The country has one of the lowest healthcare expenditure ratios in the world and there is a lack of options for receiving healthcare services. Additionally, healthcare services are often expensive and can be difficult to access in certain areas of the country.
As a result, many people are unable to access the medical services they need and are often left to suffer in silence. Additionally, there is a lack of information about the healthcare system which contributes to the growing number of people who are unable to access the medical care they need.

Threat of Terrorism in Saudi Arabia

The threat of terrorism in Saudi Arabia is also a major concern. The country has experienced a number of attacks in recent years and there is a real threat of further attacks in the future. The government has struggled to contain the threat and the authorities are known to be particularly harsh in suppressing any form of opposition. This has made people feel increasingly vulnerable and the threat of terrorism continues to be a real danger in the country.
Furthermore, Saudi Arabia has experienced a number of terrorist attacks targeting foreigners, including expats who are living in the country. The risk of being a target of a terrorist attack is thus a very real one and it can make going to Saudi Arabia particularly dangerous.


Overall, going to Saudi Arabia can be a risky decision due to the current economic, political and human rights conditions in the country. There is also a real risk of terrorism and counterfeit goods and the healthcare system is lacking. As a result, people should seriously consider the risks before travelling to Saudi Arabia.

Jose Richard

Jose M. Richard is a journalist and author based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. With over a decade of experience in journalism, Jose has written extensively on Saudi Arabia and the wider Middle East region. Jose is passionate about promoting understanding of the region and its people, and his work has been recognised with international awards.

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