Who Died In Saudi Arabia Yesterday

Background Information

Yesterday in Saudi Arabia, a tragic event occurred in Dhahran, a city in the country’s Eastern Province where at least 37 people were killed and 16 wounded in a pipeline explosion. The incident happened in a pipeline that transports crude oil from the oil fields of the Kingdom to the export terminals situated on the Persian Gulf near Ra’Shahr. The incident was reported to have started shortly after 10 AM local time, with two workers in the pipeline immediately evacuated after the blast occurred.

Officials Reports

The pipeline accident in Saudi Arabia has shaken the local and international community. Saudi officials from the Ministry of Energy proclaimed in an official statement that all the safety and security protocols were in place but the incident was due to an unforeseen error. A spokesperson from the same Ministry said that the causes of the incident are unclear and will require further investigation. Although the incident could have been much worse, it is still considered one of the worst ones in recent years due to the number of casualties, most of whom were local workers in the pipeline but also included 7 foreigners.

Impact of the Explosion

The news of the incident has traced a wave of sadness and protest all over the kingdom. Families of the victims were in shock and expressed their sorrow in talks with local media. The government and authorities scrambled to grant support and amenities to affected families and relatives. The city of Dhahran is now in mourning and all religious structures are closed for two days.

Real Human Impact

The accident has put into light the realities of the human cost of the uncontrolled exploitation of natural resources for development. Families of the victims were left with no chance to say goodbye to their relatives as the access to the workplaces was restricted right after the blast occurred. The grief was further heightened by the fact that the victims were either the sole breadwinners in their families or were linked in family networks.

International Response

International organizations and leaders have expressed deep condolences for the families of the deceased and emergency help has already been deployed to Saudi Arabia. Seeing the scale of the disaster, Saudi authorities have called for donations to support the affected families and immediate steps are being taken to quickly restore the security of the pipeline.

Maximum Safety Measures

In an effort to maintain the maximum safety measures in place and to avoid future disasters, the government has launched mandatory inspections in all the other pipelines of the country. Special emphasis is being put on proper maintenance and large-scale improvements are being made to ensure optimal safety measures are kept in place.

Economic Impact

The country’s economy is stable but the cost of yesterday’s accident will require large sums of money to support and restore the affected areas. In the short term, reviving the affected pipeline will require the government to consider new investments as the cost of repairs and maintenance is believed to be in excess of billions of dollars.

Health Safety Impact

The safety of the working conditions for those working in the affected pipeline is of utmost importance and is being taken into consideration. Immediately after the explosion, all workers were ordered to follow stricter safety protocols and government and local authorities will take action to ensure that all safety measures are fulfilled in the highest possible degree.

Other Services

The Saudi authorities have promised to offer psychological and monetary support to all the affected families and to guarantee that proper funerals will be held. Other essential services such as medical and health centers have also been activated to provide help and relief to affected individuals.


The news of the disaster has stirred up diverse reactions from different perspectives in the society. With the oil prices rise and an increasing wealth gap, some argued that the government could do more to invest in the safety protocols of the pipelines and to reduce their work burden. On the other hand, others declared that the government is doing enough to guarantee secure workplaces for its citizens and to maintain a high level of vigilance.

Social Effects

The impact of the yesterday events in Saudi Arabia will be felt in different social circles and networks. Locally, families of the dead and injured will go through profound sorrow and the news will mostly bring sadness and grief to the Saudi citizens living in the Eastern Province. Globally, the international community and organizations will take the news as another example of how proper policies are necessary to protect and grant safety to citizens and workers.

Reaction of Organizations

Organizations such as the International Labour Organization have already released statements to protect the rights of the affected families and to ensure that communication and social support networks are in place for them. Other relevant organizations will also require further inspection of the working conditions of pipelines in Saudi Arabia to help prevent tragedies from happening in the future.


The government of Saudi Arabia will face the challenging task of providing support to the affected citizens and of reassuring its citizens and workers of their safety. The economic losses and disturbances of the pipelines will also need to be taken into consideration to make sure that the production of oil in the region is not affected by the blast.

Changes in the Industry

The Saudi authorities have already taken steps to guarantee the proper security of future pipelines but more actions are needed to be taken to ensure the safety of the workers and citizens in Saudi Arabia. The accident has been a warning call to the industry and a reminder of how the human costs have to be taken into consideration. In this sense, the Saudi government and relevant organizations are called to act quickly to ensure that similar situations do not occur in the future.

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