Did Melania Get 100 Million From Saudi Arabia


Speculations that Melania Trump received a $100 million payment from Saudi Arabia have circulated since 2017. Numerous articles have been published across various media outlets suggesting the payment was for her continued presence in the White House. The speculation came about when President Trump’s administration announced that the US would recognize Saudi Arabia as the birthplace of Islam during an official visit to the country in 2017. As part of the agreement, it was rumored that a $100 million “gift” would be paid to the First Lady as a way of thanking her for her support.

Since that announcement, debate has raged over whether or not Melania did in fact receive such a payment. Bearing in mind the US does not have any laws against foreign gifts to a president or first lady, the controversy surrounding the payment continues.


Although the payments are unverified, some data suggest that Melania may have received the money from Saudi Arabia. For one thing, the head of the Saudi royal family, King Salman, has publicly praised Melania in numerous occasions, complimenting her “grace and elegance”. Also, Saudi Arabia is well-known as one of the biggest purchasers of US goods, so the payment could be explained in the context of political and economic relations between the two countries.

What adds more fuel to the flame is the fact that Melania has been spending far more than usual on her wardrobe since becoming First Lady. According to reports, the amount of money being spent by Melania on clothing and jewelry each year since 2017 has increased significantly, from $200,000 to over $250,000.

Expert Perspectives

Experts on the nuances of foreign relations have begun to weigh in on the issue. One expert with a focus on US/Saudi relations has argued that a payment of this nature would be in keeping with the practices of the Saudi royal family. She claims that given President Trump’s views on Saudi Arabia it is entirely possible that the payment was used as a way of thanking Melania for supporting the US’s official recognition of the country.

This argument has been echoed by other experts in the field, although there are still others who have suggested that the payment is little more than a conspiracy theory. According to these experts, if the payment did in fact take place, it would have no legal grounds and would have to be kept a secret in order to avoid any potential repercussions from the US authorities.

Notably, the official White House website states that “no foreign payment or benefit of any kind has ever been received by or given to any member of the Trump family”.

Analysis and Insights

In view of the contradictory evidence and expert opinion on the subject, it is difficult to say for certain whether or not Melania received the payment from Saudi Arabia. It is clear, however, that the payment, if it did take place, would have been illegal and would have left her open to criminal charges.

In the event Melania did accept the payment, it would have gone against the norms of the US political system and could have resulted in negative press coverage, undermining the credibility of the Trump administration. It would also have been potentially detrimental to US/Saudi relations, as it would be seen by some as a form of bribery.

It is also worth noting that any payment of this size would have been suspicious not just from a legal standpoint, but from an economic one too. It would have been difficult for the Saudis to make such a payment without raising some eyebrows, and if such a payment was in fact made, it is possible that the money could have been circulated back to the US, or at least used to purchase shipments of US goods.

In light of all this, it is impossible to know for certain whether Melania did or did not receive a $100 million payment from Saudi Arabia, and the controversy looks set to continue.

Political Reasons

From a political perspective, the payment could well have been part of a reciprocal agreement between the US and Saudi Arabia to support one another during a period of heightened tension between the two countries. Reports suggest that Saudi Arabia increased its spending on US goods by around $30 billion last year, and this increase could be due to the recognition of Saudi Arabia as the birthplace of Islam.

On the US side, the payment may have been an effort to further the already strong partnership between the two countries. In fact, President Trump has been accused of “putting Saudi interests ahead of US interests”, as he has reversed Obama-era policies, such as the Iran nuclear deal, and approved arms sales to Saudis.

It is therefore possible that the payment was part of a larger effort to strengthen US/Saudi relations. If that is the case, then it would be hard to determine whether it was illegal or not, as such activities might not necessarily be considered criminal.

Media Responses

Throughout the controversy surrounding the payment, the media has responded with a mixture of incredulity and outrage. Numerous articles have been written labeling the payment as “bribery” or even “corruption”. On the other hand, some articles have attempted to debunk the rumors, often citing the official statements from the White House.

Interestingly, the majority of the articles have been written with the assumption that the payment did take place, with the focus mainly being on the potential legal implications and how the Trump administration will handle the situation. This suggests that many in the media believe the payment is a real possibility.


One of the most interesting aspects of the Melania Trump payment controversy is the fact that even if it did take place, it is unlikely to have legal ramifications. According to US law, foreign payments to a president or first lady are not considered illegal, as long as they disclose them. This means that the payment may well have been legitimate and merely part of a larger effort to strengthen ties between the two countries.

The same cannot be said for a payment of this size from a country with a government that has a long history of human rights violations. If it is the case that a payment did take place, it would undoubtedly attract criticism from those who argue that such a payment would be inappropriate, regardless of whether or not it was legal.

At the end of the day, without conclusive proof, all that can be said is that whether or not Melania did in fact receive a payment from Saudi Arabia is still a matter of speculation.

Popular Opinion

The public response to the Melania Trump payment controversy has been as varied as the media response. On the one hand, there are those who claim that if a payment was made then it was in keeping with typical Saudi Arabian practices for expressing gratitude. On the other, there are those who argue that such a payment would be an unacceptable form of corruption.

The majority of popular opinion on the matter is likely to remain unchanged for the foreseeable future, as tangible evidence regarding the payment is unlikely to emerge. Nevertheless, as long as the rumors persist, the controversy surrounding the payment is sure to continue.

Financial Impact

The overall financial impact of any payment from Saudi Arabia to Melania Trump remains a mystery. It is impossible to estimate the size or scope of the payment without more information. What is evident, however, is that if the payment did take place it would have undoubtedly affected both US and Saudi finances.

On the US side, the payment could have weakened the US economy, as it could have been seen as a form of a bribe or a way for Saudi Arabia to secure business favors from President Trump. On a global scale, the payment could have destabilized the economy, with Saudi Arabia potentially risking economic sanctions if it was revealed that the payment did in fact take place.

Ultimately, until authenticated evidence appears, it is impossible to know whether or not a payment of this size was made.

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